The new sidewalk project in Folegandros is intended to create a safe pedestrian zone, approximately 3,5 kilometers, connecting Chora – Karavostasis. The basic design concept is to meet the needs of a wide range of users such as older users, younger people, and people with disabilities.


The dedicated pedestrian route intents, also, to create a tour for those who desire to explore cultural heritage, history and natural landscape of Folegandros by walking. The pedestrian route will be the entrance to the Chora, as well as it will have an intersection point with the network of trails that is being expanded through the island. The project is divided in four areas. The first area is the road next to the sea, the second one is the pathway next to the ravine, the third one is characterized by the mild slopes of landscape and the fourth one is the entrance to the Chora of Folegandros. One important point along the route is the church of Agioi Anargyroi, located dramatically in the rocky landscape, between steep slopes to east and west.


A different palette of materials will be used in different areas. In the areas close to the ravine more natural materials are suggested, like paved earth and planting areas. Where the area doesn’t allow their use, a wooden deck is proposed to traverse more rocky ground. Near the two villages, pebbled floors are proposed, decorated with white marble joints, reminding of the patterns that people used to draw on the floor with white paint. Low hight lighting columns will be used to illuminate the sidewalk. For seating, wooden benches or stone walls are designed and in some resting areas a pergola is proposed, as a traditional form of shading.  Information signs, also, are located at places of interest containing information for the history and cultural heritage of the island.


The main design concept is inspired by the ‘’lines’’ seen in the landscape of Folegandros. The circular benches, which are used also for planting, derive from the traditional form of the lemon tree house. The pattern of the lines in the pedestrian path, derives from the ‘’lacy’’ dry stone walls of the Chora, that are separating the properties.


The pedestrian path, as part of the‘’Folegandros Routes’’ project, provides opportunities to walk, rest, tour and to observe the island’s fauna and flora in a secure environment.

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